Steps to Consider Before Listing a House

Selling a house is challenging for every family. There are many factors that sellers should consider before listing their home. The emotional attachment to a house that has been a family home for years is one of the big issues that clients must overcome. In many instances it clouds reasonable judgement. Unless you have a great experience in selling homes, having a real estate agent is the best option to go with. The right agent always plays a vital role to efficiently sell any home in any condition in any market.

Many first time home sellers overspend on pre-sale of home improvements or on contrary, fail to properly prepare their home. Due to emotional and personal attachments, sellers mistakenly put accents in wrong places, creating a negative impact on sale. A home sale preparation is really a science that requires knowledge and experience. Properly prepared homes sell faster and generate more income. Sometimes it makes more sense to completely renovate a house before listing it to generate maximum income but these improvements are definitely costly! Please see our unique “Flip My Home” program*, – our partner company* offers our clients an incredible deal to help finance a home improvement project and not charge the costs our clients all the way till closing!!! Why would you want to lose the money that you entitled to. There is no reason to give it away to “home flippers”. Let’s flip the house together! It is your money and we feel that you deserve to keep it. The goal of this program is to maximize our client’s income from selling a property that our partner company completely renovates using own finances. Clients receive more money from a higher home selling price and split the additional income from the increased property value. More money for your property absolutely at no charge to you!*

There are thousands of families that lose their money from lack of funds to spend on renovations. Instead of getting a fair value for their home, they are forced to sell their home for less than they could get due to its poor condition. “Flip My Home” program* fixes this problem!

How it Works
During the initial visit, I will walk through the entire house. I will address issues, propose solutions and outline benefits. And you can bet that I am bringing my flashlight with me to see every corner of the house! Together we will walk through an entire house, room by room, and will discuss all of the options and ideas on how to prepare the house to expedite its sale and maximize your profit.

When thinking of disadvantages, please remember that it is important to fix all broken parts and make the necessary upgrades that will raise a market value of your house. It is a mistake to think that what feels outdated or obviously broken would not be noticeable to a buyer. Any home inspection will reveal all deficiencies and will become a negotiation tool of a buyer to force us to lower the price of a property offered for sale. We have helped many families prepare their homes for a successful sale. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We do all it takes to properly prep a home for a successful sale.

Now saying that, there are homes that do not make any financial sense to be updated or renovated and some homes don’t really need any preparation at all. Maybe a client purchased a new home at early construction stage and now is selling to gain on her or his investment. Another situation is where the house is in perfect shape but owners have an outdated or too bulky furniture for the space. In these situations, we definitely recommend staging a house. Please see our “Stage a House” page. We can definitely say, coming from many years of experience, that house staging works, it generates a higher sale price and helps sell homes faster!

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