<span>Staging a House </span>

Staging a House

StagingStaging a house is beneficial in many ways. The most important is that staging sells home faster and sometimes for a higher price! We never force our clients into staging, frankly, not every house requires it. Some homes are better off to sell empty without furniture and some with homeowner’s original furniture with very minor touches. We advise staging only for homes that may really benefit from it.

Staging is beneficial because a potential buyer sees the option of a magazine-picture-like decoration of the home created by a professional home interior designer who puts right accents at the right places. When seeing a home for the first time, a buyer sees a perfect picture of how his or her future home may look like when they move in.

Old outdated furniture does not do any good when listing a home. The idea of staging is to accent the beneficial parts of a house and maximize the living and usable space out of less comfortable spots in the house. Staging is a science and, at the same time, an art. There are many staging companies out there but by far not all of them can hit the spot! Simply put, just moving in and out the same furniture from house to house with few décor items is not enough! It takes knowledge and understanding of architecture and design, years of experience, sense of style, etc.

At the end of the day the most important factor about staging – it gets homes sold faster for a good price!