Planing a Renovation

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remodelingPicThe truth is that renovations are costly, dusty, nasty, loud, stressful and time consuming. Multiply this by a hundred if you decide to remain in the house during the course of your renovation. If you are considering to complete a renovation on your own, think of the amount of time needed and how much strength it will take from you. Plan thoroughly.

Now, after saying that, we are not trying to discourage you from doing a renovation – having a cozy and comfortable home is one of the biggest pleasures that life can bring us. Seeing your family live and grow in a great home is the way it should be. The important thing is to know what you are facing with before starting your renovation, and plan ahead to prepare yourself to minimize any risks.

The most important element of any renovation is a financial planning. Poorly planed renovation always end with same result – an unfinished project with exhausted budget. Always take into consideration the age of your home. There are so many hidden issues with older homes that need to be addressed when we start a new project. This can be a source of great stress and financial burden. It’s almost a guarantee that an older home will have some sort of ugly unaccounted surprise along the way. The best practice is to keep 10-15% of total cost aside. If all goes smooth, you can use that money for a great vacation or an upgrade later on in the renovation process.

Once the financials are all set, consider the absolute must-haves for your new renovated home. Think of the reason why you are starting your renovation. Is it just to spruce up your home with new color or maybe a need to add another bedroom? When finishing the basement, maybe consider a guest bedroom with a private bath over an open area? Since we are involved in real estate trading, we always advise our clients to consider the future value of their home and invest their money in proper renovation, to upgrade right parts of the house that will bring more return on the investment. Once your list is complete, have it with you at all times and follow it. Don’t deviate from your plan unless you have an extra budget for it.

With the proper planned financials, and a list of wants and must-haves, calculate the materials for your renovation. Plan your stages thoroughly. Your home already has laid pipes, electrical wiring, load bearing walls, vents and HVAC. Thus, account for minor variances and deviations.

Hiring a contractor is one of key elements of a successful renovation. Recommendations are very important. Ask your contractor to provide you with letters of recommendation from his or her last few jobs. Call these homeowners and ask them questions. Don’t be shy!

Always ask for Proof of Liability Insurance! Every contractor that works with DVKHOMES has a valid professional liability insurance and a good standing contractor licence. You may be surprised by number of people who choose to save their money by hiring unlicensed and uninsured contractors that end up destroying clients’ homes. At the end of the day, these poor people are left with nothing but bills, unfinished projects and they have no legal remedies to recover their losses. On top, the home owner may be found personally liable for damages to third parties resulted during construction or renovation that would be covered by contractor’s liability insurance.

When you are planning a new home project, big or small, give us a call or jot us an email. We would love to come by and give you a quote. Our licenced professionals are insured with years of experience. We guarantee that our services are the ones you will be comfortable with and that our competitive prices may pleasantly surprise you.  No excuses, no games. We strive for excellence!