“Flip My House” Program

“Flip My House” Program was created after we analyzed sales of homes in multiple neighborhoods and noticed that certain home listings that came to the market sat there for a long time ending up expiring or being terminated. All these homes were in a poor condition in between two worlds – too good to be sold for a land value but not brought to a condition so that new home owners would not want to buy them. Let’s face it, most home buyers are not looking forward to spend all this money for purchase of a home and on top of that start a renovation that will demand even more money! And as for home flippers – they either will offer a low ball offer for the deal to make financial sense to them or will pass on to a better deal. 

After comparing to similar homes in the same area to ones that were renovated and updated, as a result, prices differed by $50,000 and up and most of them were sold!

So, we asked ourselves what could we do to help homeowners who are not  financially ready or don’t have experience, knowledge or strength to carry out their own renovation project to prepare their home for sale? What if a homeowner is out of state and needs to be home for work or any other reason? What could we do to sell these homes faster and for more money? We created our own renovation company* that partnered with a general contractor company and all types of contractors and service providers to basically cover all possible needs that our clients may come and ask for. 

So, what is the “Flip My Home” Program? This is a home renovation program that helps homeowners to update their home for a successful sale that includes improvements and renovation of key components of a house depending on the items that require attention. Sometimes it is just repainting few walls, fixing few tiles, power washing the outside of a home, etc. and sometimes it may involve heavy reconstruction of a sagged roof or deteriorated wood members in the structure of the house due to termite damage. 

The beauty of this program is that we do it all for you! And it gets even better! Our clients do not need to pay for anything upfront! FLhomeimprovement.com team invests its own capital to do just enough to transform a home and perform a successful transaction!

We are so confident in the successful outcome of a sale that we are willing to invest our own money until the day we close a deal! In case you fall in love with your newly renovated home, you can definitely keep it and we will arrange a financing plan to pay off your renovation costs. 

Of course, some conditions apply and not every house will qualify for this program. At the end of the day, it all comes to common sense and simple calculations. On a personal note, we do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs as much as we can. Please give us a call and find out if your home qualifies for this program.

*Disclosure: please note that www.flhomeimprovemnt.com is my affiliate business. Any performance of named services are only possible after my clients acknowledge and signs a written disclosure of my affiliation and a separate contract for the services to be performed.

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