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We understand how costly Home Improvement Projects can be. Either you are building a new Home or planing a Renovation, replacing Windows or updating your Air Conditioner, all can sum up to a rather large amount and may hurt your Family budget. Sometimes home-owners forced to stop half way in their renovation because of a poor financial planing. It is fair to say that seeking professional advice will definitely help save money! But always remember, that with  older Homes it is practically impossible to count for all losses until you our your contractor will open up all the walls and floors. Surprises can find you anywhere during your renovation.

Our DVKHOMES Financing Programs offer our qualified Clients a freedom of better choices! If banks turned you down, do not give up! Call us and we would love to look in to your situation. There are other financial institutions and there are a large number of private lenders that are always looking to invest!

If a bank turned you down that does not mean that you won’t qualify for a loan. Bank’s underwriters are more strict and conservative, focused on low risk customers. In case with Renovations and Home Upgrades, such loans are considered to be more risky than, for instance a first mortgage with 10% down payment, thus it is more difficult to account for all  the risks. With higher risks your loan % will also grow.

At DVKHOMES we offer few programs through our Financial Partners that had proven to work well for our clients. Either you are planing a major renovation or upgrade your kitchen, roof or install a new air conditioner, install new windows or maybe planing to build an addition, whatever the case might be, please feel free to contact us! We would love to sit down with you and go over your options!