Purchasing a home with crypto is no longer a myth. In this short article I will remove the stigma and uncertainty. I will demonstrate that this is nothing but another convenient method of payment which for some homeowners may serve as an option to consider.

Intentionally we are not going to touch on the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency. For the sole purpose of this article, cryptocurrency is nothing but a method of payment.

I offer three convenient options of payment:

  1. Via external payment processor.
  2. Via my personal real estate trading company with crypto wallet connected to a company escrow account.
  3. Via NFT transaction.

First option allows a convenience of purchasing a home using cryptocurrency by allowing a crypto payment processing company to receive crypto, exchange and send USD to a specified receiving party, which is either real estate lawyer or title company.

Second, my company facilitates the entire transaction. We have a cryptocurrency wallet with the most prominent American exchange. From the wallet, we transfer the funds via company’s escrow account to a real estate lawyer or title company. Transparency and reliability 100%

Third option, is more complex. A buyer purchases a NFT that owns a house of their choice.

Crypto transactions are regulated by the Federal Government of the United States of America. We adhere and comply with all regulations, including KYC and other necessary due diligence process required by law.

For more information, please feel free to reach out and discuss all the options that are readily available for you TODAY!